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Product Information

Brochure – HC Disease Surveillance

HC Disease Surveillance™ system allows Case Managers and Public Health workers the ability to register large numbers of patients that are suspected Persons Under Investigation (PUI) who may be required to remotely self-monitor and report daily vitals and symptoms.

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Brochure – HC Patient Tracking

HC Patient Tracking™ offers first responders and healthcare providers a fast, secure, and reliable way to gather critical data and share it throughout the emergency and healthcare systems in near real-time.

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Brochure – HC Standard

Global Emergency Response develops and integrates software, technology, and services with first responders in mind. We build and deploy solutions that expedite communication, interoperability and effective leadership.

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Brochure – HC Patient Placement

HC Patient Placement™ gives healthcare facilities an effective way to find, secure and transport patients during an emergency evacuation. In emergency situations, a well executed patient evacuation plan save lives.

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Video – Global Emergency Response

GER provides software solutions for healthcare and safety organizations. Our products help connect and support healthcare workers, providers, agencies, first responders and emergency management personnel

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