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HC Health Chart™

Powered by HC Standard®

HC HealthChart

Easy To Use

  • Quick to Trial
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Easy to Learn
  • 5-min Chart Times
  • Easy to Manage


  • No Code Administration
  • Edit Drop Downs
  • Change Requirements
  • Hide Blank Feilds
  • Multiple Forms For Multiple Users
  • Customized QA Dashboard
  • Custom Reports

Customer Service

  • Dedicated Liaisons 24/7
  • In-App Help AI
  • Help Videos
  • Help Articles
  • Customized QA Dashboard

Ready to Learn More?

Offline With Autosync

Never lose an EMR to a bad connection again. HC Health Chart works offline & automatically syncs to the central database when online.

  • Disaster operations ready
  • Chart from anywhere, even in remote rural areas
  • The apps installs in your browser seamlessly, no permissions needed
Offline with Autosync - Health Chart
Customizable Form - Health Chart

Customizable Form

Our easy form editor allows you to modify the EMR form without knowing any code.

  • Hide unnecessary fields on the EMR
  • Add quick action workflows such as a Chest Pain protocol
  • Change which fields are required and customize chart validation
  • Add custom signature forms such as HIPAA and AMA forms
  • Add custom discharge and transfer forms

Use on any Device

HC Health Chart works on any device, so you don’t have to learn different versions of our software for different device types.

Field Friendly

  • PCs/Toughbooks
  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • Android Tablets
  • Android Phones
  • Chromebooks
Use on any Device - Health Chart

Key Features of Health Chart

Easy to Learn and Deploy
Take advantage of HC HealthChart’s ease of use. Quickly manage, train your team, and deploy in a fraction of the time.

Made with Healthcare Providers in Mind
Our dedicated team of healthcare providers and software developers have come together to make an award-winning, fast, and intuitive EMR solution.

Industry Leading Customer Service
Our dedicated team of healthcare experts are with you every step of the way from implementation and training to support and optimization.

Use Any Device
HC HealthChart works on any device whether you prefer the power of a desktop or the ease of a small tablet. Providers can integrate into their workflow and switch back and forth instinctually.

Works Offline
Poor connectivity? No problem. HC HealthChart will seamlessly switch into offline mode and sync back to the cloud when connectivity resumes. No interruptions.

Customizable Workflows
With configurable workflows, HC HealthChart can customize the flow of information to best fit a provider’s practice.

Form Intelligence
With HC HealthChart, providers can customize tabs, data entry, fields, flow and more to get the best possible experience for healthcare teams and patients without sacrificing clinical accuracy.

Paperless Automation
With digitized paper form technology, providers can go paperless in no time and decrease repetitive documentation. We can upload and automate all provider’s paper forms and documents.

Clinical Decision-Making Support
Quickly look up guidelines and recommendations on-screen when they’re needed. Providers can even add their own customized validations and rules.

Narrative Intelligence
Walk the balance between accuracy and ownership by utilizing generated text templates and/or on demand in-line data lookups. Providers can write the narrative faster and more accurately.

Integrate with Other Tools
Whether it’s clearinghouses, apps, resource libraries, or devices. HC HealthChart can integrate over the web to be a part of your broader healthcare solutions.