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HC Shelter Tracking™

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Shelter Tracking

Save Time. Save Lives.

Homelessness, domestic violence, mental health crises, and natural emergencies requiring shelter management services are all problems that defy rigid planning and static silos of care. A swift and coordinated response is needed to safely house a person in need. HC Shelter Tracking™ can help care providers successfully assist individuals and families in need of shelter by offering an easy and secure way to share real-time data on bed counts and availability among a network of authorized users.

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Web-based platform allows for use on any device, including mobile, tablet or computer.

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Intuitive, highly configurable software, plus training and support.

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Sensitive data is stored on an encrypted cloud-based platform.

Easily Track, Manage Shelter Availability

Decedent Add

Edit and update shelter space bed availability, room types, conditions, and special features.

Shelter Tracking

Receive notification alerts when bed requests are made on behalf of families in need.

Real Time Bed Counts

View real-time bed counts and availability via customizable dashboards.

Domestic Violence Shelters

Secure, cloud-based shelter management software can help your city or coalition run a more effective shelter space service for victims of domestic violence. Since 2018, the City of Dallas has been using HC Shelter Tracking™ to coordinate care across 19 North Texas domestic violence service providers. The system has helped thousands of families find safety. The city is using data from the first few years of operation to improve the services of battered women’s shelters across the Dallas Fort Worth area.

  • Personnel can share bed counts and shelter space availability within an authorized network of organizations.
  • Shelter data is secure and confidential, stored on an encrypted cloud-based platform and managed in compliance with HIPAA standards. Users can achieve quicker and more efficient outcomes for families in need while you can be confident the data is secure.
  • Administrative users have strict controls over access to personnel information, ensuring that families and individuals at risk of domestic violence are quickly and confidentially placed in the safety of a shelter.
Domestic Violence Shelters

“GER’s shelter tracking solution has enabled us to significantly reduce the time required to identify and reserve available bed resources, allowing us to place domestic violence victims more efficiently into safe housing with the appropriate resources to meet their needs.”

Paige Flink, CEO of The Family Place

Mental Health Patient

Mental Health Facilities

In an often acute and time-sensitive situation, care providers need to rapidly identify a psychiatric hospital or other facility equipped to care for a patient in need of emergency services. The interfacility transfer process may require several phone calls, with providers sharing detailed patient history and supporting data with each inquiry. The process of identifying the right facility and psychiatric services is slow and inaccurate.

A cloud-based centralized communication platform eliminates this obstacle to care. Instantly, providers can see psychiatric hospitals and facilities equipped to provide care. They can easily log a psychiatric bed hold into the system within a few minutes or less.

  • Allows mental health facilities to quickly update a central database with community psychiatric bed availability.
  • Hospitals and care providers can quickly find a suitable psych ward and request a psychiatric bed hold for a patient, freeing up hospital beds to handle and treat other medical emergencies.
  • Software enhances the impact of your psychiatric emergency services by helping ensure patients receive prompt and suitable care. As an added benefit, your team experiences reduced administrative workload.

Homeless Shelters

Without a central database, the task of emergency housing for homeless people is complex. With limited time and resources, care providers need to identify suitable homeless shelters, factoring in weather conditions, transportation and shelter capacity.

HC Shelter Tracking™  allows homeless shelters to update and share shelter bed availability with authorized users assisting the homeless. Users aiding a homeless person or family can access bed availability via the web-based platform, quickly identifying facilities that can cater to a homeless person’s unique emergency housing needs. You get more targeted visibility on ideal shelter locations for everyone your team helps.

  • Establish a central database of available shelters for homeless people.
  • Give authorized users the ability to view and hold spaces without the time spent having to contact individual homeless shelter providers.
  • Help homeless individuals or families in need in your community in finding safety and shelter— with significantly less administrative burden on rescue missions, shelters and social service providers.
Homeless Shelter Man
Emergency Shelters

Emergency Shelters

HC Shelter Tracking™ allows disaster relief teams to efficiently coordinate emergency shelter availability during a disaster response effort. The software works on modern mobile devices, laptops or desktop computers and works with most major browsers.

  • Emergency management associations and first responders gain near real-time information to help identify available emergency shelter assistance, including cooling stations, heating centers, and medical emergency shelters.
  • Real-time data on local disaster shelters and bed availability gives your team powerful disaster relief tools that can help more families in need during a disaster relief response.
  • Web-based platform means there is no software to download, making it accessible when and where you need it.

Why HC Shelter Tracking?

Place individuals and families in need quicker. HC Shelter Tracking™ streamlines the way individuals and families find and secure shelter – don’t waste precious time calling multiple shelters.

Secure and compliant. Information is secure and compliant, with access only granted through by authorized administrator.

Suitable for any shelter. Designed to be used by permanent or temporary shelters to house individuals, families and even pets during a crisis.

Ready to Simplify a Complex Care Challenge?

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