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HC Decedent Tracking™

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HC Decedent Tracking

Modernizing the Process

Without a dedicated system, tracking decedent location and status can be time consuming, typically relying on a chain of phone calls and paper records exchanged among medical examiners, morgue personnel, and law enforcement personnel. Used daily or during a mass fatality event, HC Decedent Tracking™ modernizes this process. The web-based platform allows users to quickly capture and share hundreds of data elements on decedents, creating a faster, less error-prone process.

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Record GPS locations, pictures, video, and audio.

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Collect detailed transportation data for decedents and their personal effects.

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Share the data securely with highly configurable user permission levels.

Morgue Tracking and Management

HC Decedent Tracking™ gives medical examiner offices a more efficient management of mortuary affairs. Process requests, communications, and the handling of personal effects all occur swiftly and with less procedural error.

Decedent Add

Securely log a report of decedents and decedent body parts entering a morgue.


Track decedent status and location in real-time, during the entire medical examination process.

Generate historical timelines for decedent processing.

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Mass Fatality Events

During a mass fatality event, first responders and recovery teams face the challenge of documenting decedent recovery information in an efficient, secure and electronic method. HC Decedent Tracking™ helps create a more efficient recovery process where data can be quickly captured in the field and shared in real-time with law enforcement, medical examiner officers and nearby morgues. Reducing the need for paper forms stored for official death documentation and law enforcement investigation.

  • Quickly look up nearby morgue capacity, identify where a decedent should be transported, and track the movement using barcode scanning alongside rapid data entry forms.
  • Share real-time recovery information with incident commanders, including photos, videos, and audio updates.
  • Use the mobile app in the field to quickly upload and share data.
  • Rapidly and accurately respond to fatality inquiries from families of deceased people minimizing their uncertainty in a difficult time.
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Why HC Decedent Tracking?

Share decedent data faster and more accurately: The system allows data-sharing in near real-time, with configurable data entry screens and barcoding that increases reporting accuracy

Secure and compliant: The data is encrypted and can be closely controlled using user permissions.

Enhanced efficiency: With a clear and granular historical dataset, medical examiner officers can better manage morgues, identify potential bottlenecks and generate strong justification for additional resources.