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Used on a daily basis or during large-scale emergencies, our patient tracking software applications help your team plan, track, and control any situation – from critical incidents to reunification.

When healthcare facilities need to evacuate, our patient movement software helps execute the patient evacuation plan quickly and efficiently. Share medical records, assign transportation needs and track patients to their new location.

HC Transport Alerting™ helps expedite patient care upon hospital arrival by allowing first responders to share critical patient information during transport. Receiving hospitals can also share their ability to accept patients, reducing diversion time.

Our shelter tracking software helps care providers successfully assist individuals and families in need of shelter by offering an easy and secure way to share real-time data on shelter availability among a network of authorized users.

Track decedents daily or during a mass fatality event. Our web-based platform allows users to quickly capture and share hundreds of data elements on decedents, creating a faster, less error-prone process.

Efficiently track the movement of people and equipment with HC Standard®. Our cloud-based software allows organizations the ability to internally track resources at any level of detail, right down to specific items.

Our operations management software allows healthcare facilities to share facility information with other agencies, allowing for quicker decisions and more efficient patient care.

Our infectious disease management solution equips healthcare and private organizations with powerful tools to respond to infectious disease outbreaks quickly and efficiently.

We can give your organization a centralized PERK tracking system that helps save administrative time while also allowing sexual assault victims to track progress and status.

We draw on a team of experts to provide exercises and training designed to meet Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines.

When disaster strikes, we’re there to help with emergency call center services, family notification, on-site accident management support and much more.

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