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HC Patient Placement™

Powered by HC Standard®

HC Patient Placement

Be Prepared When
Disaster Strikes

In emergency situations, such as a hurricane, flood, fire, pandemic, or other large-scale emergencies, a well-executed patient evacuation plan saves lives. For a patient evacuation order to happen smoothly, healthcare facilities such as hospitals and long-term care facilities need the ability to assess, prioritize and communicate patient evacuation needs with incident commanders, transportation providers, and other emergency management personnel. Powered by HC Standard®, HC Patient Placement™ gives healthcare facilities an effective way to find, secure and transport patients during an emergency evacuation.

HC Patient Placement Locator Icon

Locate available facilities accepting evacuated patients.

HC Patient Placement Ambulance Icon

Assign transportation based on each evacuated patient’s needs.

HC Patient Placement Medical Icon

Share patient movement and tracing information with receiving facilities.

Streamline Patient Evacuation

HC Patient Placement™ gives healthcare facilities facing evacuation the real-time visibility to find facilities accepting evacuated patients, place “holds” and begin the process of loading patient information for the patient transfer and placement process. Evacuating facilities can share patient medical records, assign levels of urgency and ensure proper transportation is available based on each patient’s unique needs.

Emergency management personnel, transportation providers and hospitals receiving patients gain critical information streamline patient care. Knowing if a patient is on a ventilator or wheelchair bound can help transportation providers efficiently coordinate patient evacuation. Access to all patient information gives receiving hospitals detailed insight into the status of each patient – helping them be better prepared.

Ideal for healthcare coalitions, HC Patient Placement™ is an important piece of a patient evacuation plan, ensuring shared visibility, efficient coordination, and the safe transportation of patients.

HC Patient Placement™ Dashboard

Patient Placement Grid

The patient dashboard gives facilities insight into patient placement and transport status and the ability to upload additional patients in need of transportation to another facility.

Patient Placement Dashboard

The transport dashboard offers users insight into the patient transport status of each receiving facility, including transportation type and number of patients.

Use in coordination with HC Patient Tracking™

Once the patient leaves the evacuated facility, HC Patient Tracking™ allows the tracking of patients to ensure they arrived at the correct location, or if not, to quickly determine where they were relocated.

Why HC Patient Placement?

Expedites patient evacuation. With a common operating picture, evacuating facilities, EMS and receiving facilities have a single view with full situational awareness.

Allows receiving hospitals to prepare. Hospitals accepting evacuated patients gain a better understanding of how many and what type of patients to expect.

Transport patients more efficiently. Assign transportation needs for each patient, such as notating if patient needs a ventilator or wheelchair assistance.