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Home » Blog », Inc. & GER, Inc. Form Strategic Partnership Advancing Solutions with Interoperability, Convenience & Agility for Federal & State Consumers, Inc. & GER, Inc. Form Strategic Partnership Advancing Solutions with Interoperability, Convenience & Agility for Federal & State Consumers

Integration Provides Unified and Purpose-built Digital Health Solutions Across Federal and State Level Agencies, Helping Advance the Retrieval of Health Data, Schedule & Administer Care, and Access Services with a Streamlined Approach.

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ –, Inc.’s leading platform product,™, which has been key in helping mitigate the biggest public health crisis the United States has seen since the COVID-19 pandemic, has announced a strategic partnership with Global Emergency Response, Inc. (GER), the emergency preparedness and response technology company. With the integration of’s patient-centric healthcare solutions and GER’s patient tracking and placement technologies, federal and state-level agencies will be able to conveniently increase the engagement of their patients and end-users, helping them to securely retrieve their health data, schedule, and track care efforts, and seamlessly access healthcare services, with robust integrations in place.

The partnership aligns with both companies’ dedication to patient-centric healthcare solutions, setting a new standard to make a difference for public health. It will provide a unified digital solution across multiple federal and state-level organizations, thus empowering these institutions to create open, secure networks powered by integrated and patient-consented data.

Both and GER are highly regarded for their commitment to digital health and security. Notably, was an early integrator of its vaccination management platform, branded as™, into the agencies of both the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), allowing it to incorporate 850,000+ verified vaccination actions and patient demographics for the mass migrant surge experienced along the entire U.S. southern border from the 4th quarter 2021 through the 3rd quarter 2023. The partnership between and GER will further strengthen this footprint of health and security measures started at the southern border by leveraging advanced technology and backend tracking capabilities, which involves cross-referencing the migrant vaccination recipient to both their alien identification number and vaccine product lot number within a digital vaccination record. This is especially advantageous for the border states of California, Arizona, and Texas to work in tandem with DHS in managing the healthcare information for these migrants, and to provide a safe and efficient way to handle this critical public health information exchange.

“Our partnership with GER is more than just a technology alliance and integration; it’s a significant step forward toward solving more digital health challenges at the federal and state level with robust and transformative purpose-built solutions,” said Johan Pretorius, MD, CEO and Co-founder of

“GER is on a mission to make digital health experiences faster and more integrated. In public healthcare, that means we’re putting the patient at the center for everything that we do in managing and integrating medical information with secure and seamless access that makes paper-based systems obsolete – no forms, fax machines, or printed documents are required within the platform,” said Stan Kuzia, CEO and Founder of GER. “We’re excited to partner with to bring this seamless, secure experience to federal and state public health systems nationwide.”

About, Inc. is on a mission to provide access to world-class software for healthcare delivery to improve human health, life and wellness.  In recognition of this commitment, we strive to ensure the highest quality, scientifically justifiable, cost-effective healthcare technology to the stakeholders we serve.  In pursuit of our vision, we aim to achieve excellence.  Learn more at or email

About Global Emergency Response, Inc. (GER)

Founded in 2003 in Augusta, Georgia, Global Emergency Response, Inc. (GER) has dedicated itself to breaking down organizational barriers in communication, interoperability, and leadership among healthcare and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). As a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), GER excels in software development and systems integration, offering solutions that foster a Common Operating Picture and enhanced Situational Awareness for critical health scenarios, including disease surveillance, and patient and asset tracking. GER specializes in creating applications that bridge communication gaps between first responders, public health officials, and medical providers across all levels of government. Learn more at or email