Global Emergency Response, in concert with Aviem International and their global network, offers an expansive suite of Disaster Management services to ensure compliance with any and all disaster laws and regulations.

Vigilant Guard Mass Casualty Exercise with GER

Emergency Call Center Services

Call center services utilize the largest call center network with 29 locations to serve you. Coupled with specially trained telephone professionals and the latest technology, a prompt, compassionate response can begin in as little as 60 minutes. Callers reach live representatives, not impersonal automated voice menus. Call center services operate at a guaranteed minimum of 100 representatives and automatically adjust staffing to handle the call volume.


Family Notification and Survivor Assistance

Family support center representatives are thoroughly trained to provide families and survivors with the kind of support they desire and need. Once notified, we can coordinate logistical support for survivors and maintain regular contact with families.


On-site Accident Management Support

Companies face unique challenges not found in traditional mass fatality emergency response organizations. GER’s partnership with Aviem brings together expertise in both traditional emergency management mass fatality response and Human Services disaster response.


Community Outreach and Survivor Assistance Center

Along with Disaster Management services, we can set up and maintain Community Outreach and/or Survivor Assistance Centers for those survivors or members of the public affected by a disaster.


Personal Belongings

One of the most important aspects of handling personal belongings is the interaction with families. Our specially trained team assists families in honoring their wishes with regard to returning the items of their loved ones with dignity and respect.


Disaster Victim Identification and Repatriation Services

We coordinate with organizations and local officials in disaster victim identification and the repatriation of remains. Repatriation teams provide global coverage with expert and highly experienced staff who ensure that the wishes of family members are honored with regard to final arrangements.


Crisis Communications

Our crisis communications directors can provide essential communications support to your organization in the event of an emergency response. The media team is available to assist your communications personnel in preparing critical press statements, and provide coaching and advice on press conferences and other situations where you may be confronted with the media.

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What our clients say about us

  • GER worked with first responders to develop HC Patient Tracking™. They continually make improvements that allow us to always have flexible, real-time situational awareness!
  • Command. Control. Communicate. When minutes count and lives are on the line, GER is ready with solutions that help communities, governments and independent companies succeed in protecting, deploying and recovering their most vital assets.