Emergency planning and preparedness: exercises and training

GER recognizes that organizations have a continuing need not only to maintain a state of readiness, but also to test and improve the tools, procedures and skill sets in every aspect of response.

We provide exercises and training designed to meet Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines. We draw on a distinguished and experienced group of emergency experts, including physicians, paramedics and firefighters, and specialists in the fields of public health, disaster medicine and continuity of operations.

Rest easier with GER’s technology that helps you plan, track, communicate, command and control – any situation! We will work with you to determine the right products and services that fit your needs.


We offer a range of discussion- and operations-based exercises and training options. We will test individual components or fully integrated responses in a variety of scenarios, such as natural disaster, terrorist activity, large-scale fires or major transportation incidents.


Discussion-based tools used to develop plans or procedures, or make changes in existing ones, and assess operational awareness.


Also discussion-based, but with emphasis on participant involvement and a specific goal.

Tabletop Exercises

Highly interactive discussion-based programs built around a hypothetical scenario – especially effective for enhancing awareness, validating plans, and assessing strengths, weaknesses and response capability.


Operational simulations between competing teams, designed to explore the consequences of actions in response to a hypothetical event.


Structured supervised activities, designed to assess the implementation of a specific policy, procedure or function within an organization.

Functional Exercises

GER’s most comprehensive exercise and training offerings, these multi-disciplinary operations use multiple specialists to assess an organization’s plans, policies, procedures and personnel, as they make their way in real time through a series of scripted but unpredictable events surrounding a highly plausible major incident.