GER’s Emergency Wireless Routing Access Point (EWRAP) Field Mobility Solution
provides everything you need in the field and when on exercises.

Emergency Wireless Routing Access Point

An EWRAP™ is a portable, secure, single source communications field mobility solution. EWRAPs™ are easily deployed and allow your team in the field to stay connected. Whether you are managing a large scale event or responding to a mass casualty or emergency situation, your teams will be able to share data and stay in touch with your operations center. An EWRAP can be used by itself or in multiples to create a network to cover larger areas depending on your needs.

An EWRAP™ Provides:

  • Wireless connectivity – via cellular, Wi-fi, public access, or emergency bands
  • Intelligent router – automatically chooses best network and allows multiple modes of configuration (between remote and base sites such as hospitals, EOCs, PSAPs, and incident scenes)
  • Communication backhaul for handheld devices
  • Mesh network capability to create a highly redundant, local high-speed network
  • Ethernet port for direct computer connectivity or satellite connectivity
  • Rugged Pelican case with single on/off switch for easy activation (Also available as a vehicle mounted installation)
  • Internal battery for extended periods of use
  • Battery level indicator
  • Standard 120V commercial power plug
  • Convenient 12V outlet for charging portable devices
GER EWRAP Emergency Wireless Access Point Device

Rest easier with GER’s technology that helps you plan, track, communicate, command and control – any situation! We will work with you to determine the right products and services that fit your needs.


An EWRAP™ keeps you connected so you can make the right decision at the right time…and save lives!