GER, DC HEPRA Stand Guard for State of the Union Address (SOTUA) 2015

GER, DC HEPRA Stand Guard for State of the Union Address (SOTUA) 2015

GER, DC HEPRA Stand Guard For 2015 State of the Union Address

Emergency Preparedness Top of Mind for SOTUA Event

Augusta, Georgia February 5, 2015: To ensure coordinated emergency awareness and response for the State of the Union Address, Global Emergency Resources (GER) partnered with the DC Health Emergency Response Agency (DC HEPRA) to provide comprehensive support. GER’s HC Standard®, a powerful situational awareness software suite, together with GER’s HC Patient Tracking, and mobile handheld units, were deployed to track and record medical emergencies then provide near real-time wireless data to operation center participants.


Handheld devices were distributed among the first responders on the Capitol grounds where GER provided just-in-time training in preparation for a medical disaster. The handheld devices were equipped with HC Patient Tracking™ software to collect comprehensive patient data and wirelessly submit it via GER’s HC web interface. In addition to patient data – maps, charts and dashboards showing the location and status of various resources could be viewed by the Operation Centers in near real-time. GER was on site and available to provide assistance with the system in OCs and to first responders.

The joint effort included DC HEPRA, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the DC National Guard Amory, DC Fire and EMS and the Department of Defense who were equipped with the HC PTS handheld devices. Operation Centers included in the DC HEPRA Health Emergency Coordination Center (DC HEPRA HECC) The DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA) the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Secretary’s Operation Center (SOC). Local hospitals also participated. No medical assistance was needed during the event, and all OCs were deactivated at the end of the evening.

About HC Standard® Software Suite:

HC Standard® is an emergency information, patient tracking and critical asset software solution developed by GER for the emergency management and healthcare industries. The system allows local, state and federal agencies to have a common operating picture with interoperability between various agencies as a key benefit. The solution helps eliminate information silos, is cross-jurisdictional and substantially enhances emergency communications. HC Patient Tracking™ System (HC PTS) is a fast, secure, and reliable solution built on the HC Standard platform for first responders to gather vital data and share it throughout emergency and healthcare systems in near real-time.

About Global Emergency Resources

Global Emergency Resources, LLC is a software solution developer and integrator for the emergency preparedness and response sector addressing the needs of emergency and mass casualty planners and managers, healthcare facilities, EMS and First Responders, NGO’s, Non-NGOs, military and volunteers. GER’s HC Standard® software helps manage the information contained in various disparate patient, asset and other databases, and provides near real-time monitoring and mapping of systems and assets during mass casualty incidents, emergencies and routine daily operations. GER also supports near real-time patient tracking from the incident scene to the healthcare system. This information can also feed electronic patient care reporting systems, resulting in significant improvements in emergency response, triage, patient tracking and patient/family reunification.

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