The New HC® 4.0 is set for Early 2015 Release

The New HC® 4.0 is set for Early 2015 Release

Global Emergency Resources to Release new HC® 4.0 Software Suite.

The new HC® 4.0 is GER’s most advanced HC® release and will be available in early 2015.

 Augusta, GA January 31, 2014: Global Emergency Resources (GER) has announced a new HC® 4.0. Software Suite scheduled for release in early 2015. The new release will feature an enhanced interface and advanced functionality.

Used within the emergency response sectors across the US, the existing HC® Software Suite fulfills the need of the healthcare industry to prepare for and respond to emergency situations. Integrated, interactive and responsive software makes communication between responders, receivers and command centers more efficient than ever before.

HC® Standard Suite is employed to manage healthcare resources and track patients comprehensively during all types of emergency events. The Suite also includes features to enhance routine operations. The software is interoperable, cross-jurisdictional and mobile for near real-time monitoring and mapping of health care systems and assets.

The new HC® 4.0. release will supplement or enhance existing HC® functionality and interface. New features include:

  • Run on any browser or tablet
  • Create PDF forms with data entry
  • Scan drivers’ licenses
  • Improved charting capabilities
  • Enhanced dashboard capabilities
  • New mobile versions for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Track related patient items such as medications and pets

In announcing the new release, GER’s President Erika Bobbitt emphasized that, “the new HC Suite is designed to further integrate critical communications and patient management within the healthcare industry. In the past, the field-to-hospital-to-command center communication process has been plagued with inter-operational software incompatibilities or sole solution offerings. From inception GER has been focused on providing a comprehensive solution to resolve those issues.”

About Global Emergency Resources: Global Emergency Resources (GER), headquartered in Augusta, GA, (, is a software solution developer and integrator for the emergency response and healthcare Industries. GER’s HC Standard® software suite allows first responders and receivers to manage various EMS, hospital and clinical databases, and provides near real-time monitoring and mapping of healthcare systems and assets during emergencies and routine daily operations. The HC® Software Suite is an interoperable, cross-jurisdictional, mobile solution designed for healthcare, government, military and EMS that meets HIPAA and HITECH requirements. GER offerings include disaster management software, exercises and training services, as well as field mobility solutions that can support patient triage, tracking, reunification and hospital surge planning and compliance.

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