CDP introduces Patient Identification Technology

CDP introduces Patient Identification Technology

Patient Identification Technology Introduced At CDP

Students attending healthcare training at the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) will soon have automated capabilities to track patients during mass casualty exercises. Patient tracking, oftentimes automated, is used in a variety of healthcare facilities throughout the United States and is a key component to incident response and management.

“We’re incorporating software that can be used on a majority of smart devices found on the commercial market today,” Jesse Giddens, CDP Healthcare Training Manager. “These devices allow students to input and record emergency casualty care data into an automated patient tracking system. The system facilitates rapid identification of patients as they move through the continuum of care, from the point of injury, through EMS disaster response teams, to the receiving hospital’s treatment areas. And, as appropriate, follow-on discharge, transfer to specialty hospitals, trauma centers, alternate care sites, shelters and mortuary facilities. The system also provides situational awareness for health-sector providers, emergency managers and decision makers in the allocation of critical resources during a mass casualty response,” Giddens explained. 

The software includes the ability to scan barcodes on triage tags, linking patients directly to a specific number, ensuring that the patient is properly identified, especially when it comes to giving him or her medications. Additionally, photographs and pertinent information such as a patient’s name, age, gender, symptoms, associated injuries and treatment provided can also be recorded in the system. The software also allows students to securely transmit patient information to the incident command, hospital command center and public health office, providing a common operating picture of the mass casualty incident, facilitating the community’s integrated response.

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