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GER, DC HEPRA Reunite Families at 2014 Capitol Fourth!

GER, DC HEPRA Reunite Families at 2014 Capitol Fourth!

2014 Capitol Fourth

Global Emergency Resources (GER) supported the DC Health Emergency Response Agency (HEPRA) during the 239th Capitol Fourth in DC. GER’s HC Standard®, a powerful situational awareness software suite, including HC Patient Tracking™ handheld units, were deployed to track and record medical emergencies, first aid cases, lost persons, family reunification, and necessary medical transport in the medical first aid tents on the Mall from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial.

The patient and lost persons information data was collected by personnel in Medical First Aid tents and synced across the National Mall from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial with HC Standard® Operations Center in near real-time. The information is GER utilizes mobile connections such as cellular phone or GER’s Emergency Wireless Routing Access Points (EWRAP™) and allows for large distance sharing of information. In addition to the patient data – maps, charts and dashboards showing the locations and status of various resources were viewed by the Operations Center in near real-time.

HC Family Reunification™ was first introduced at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration where it was successfully deployed. The 2014 Capitol Fourth event marked the second successful deployment of HC Family Reunification™ during a mass gathering event. The software is the newest addition to the HC Standard® and works with HC Patient Tracking™ to help lost loved ones find and reunite with their family. HC Family Reunification™ provides peace of mind to event attendees and organizers alike.


About Global Emergency Resources

Global Emergency Resources, LLC is a software solution developer and integrator for the emergency preparedness and response sector addressing the needs of emergency and mass casualty planners and managers, healthcare facilities, EMS and First Responders, NGO’s, Non-NGOs, military and volunteers.  GER’s HC Standard® software helps manage the information contained in various disparate patient, asset and other databases, and provides near real-time monitoring and mapping of systems and assets during mass casualty incidents, emergencies and routine daily operations.  GER also supports near real-time patient tracking from the incident scene to the healthcare system. This information can also feed electronic patient care reporting systems, resulting in significant improvements in emergency response, triage, patient tracking and patient/family reunification.

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