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Marathon Management: How To Digitally Triage Patients With Devices You Already Own

Marathon Management: How To Digitally Triage Patients With Devices You Already Own

May 1, 2014

GER In Motion! 2014  New Jersey Marathon

In April, over 10,000 runners converged on the seaside town of Long Branch, New Jersey where runners and a cheering crowd waited for the NJ Marathon to begin.  Also present were teams of medical personnel, dozens of ambulances, two large triage tents, and several people from GER to help support the first responders and for HC Standard Patient Tracking software.

Over the course of the race some of the runners and supporters needed medical attention.   When they arrived at the medical aid tents/triage locations, they may noticed that the normal paper triage tags that EMS personnel rely upon had been supplanted by digital technology from GER.

New Jersey Marathon April 2014 GER

New Jersey Marathon April 2014 GER

First responders and EMS officials used their iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and other devices to enter patient information, upload it to servers, and share it with hospitals, ambulances, and remotely based emergency state officials.

At the core of this paperless digital record keeping is the GER HC Standard Patient Tracking™ solution.  Each person was attended to at the medical aid tent and their injury was logged into HC Patient Tracking™. The use of HC Standard® Suite and HC Patient Tracking™ allowed local, state, and federal agencies to have a common operating picture of the day’s events and activities along the race and around the area. The information was easily accessible by authorized persons and was easily shared with local hospital and emergency facilities.

Said one ambulance official, “It was so nice to get to the hospital and already have the patient information loaded onto the server at the hospital.  They knew exactly what was wrong with the patient and what to be ready for next.”

Not only did HC Patient Tracking™ log every incident, case for case with the paper records, but officials as far away as the Remote Incident Command Center (RoIC) were able to view the patient totals and destination information.  If there had been a mass casualty incident, such as a terrorist attack like the Boston Marathon in 2013, officials were prepared at the state level to see the patient triage flow and activity at the race hundreds of miles away, using the HC Standard software.

This was not the first marathon GER has handled, in fact.  Recently the company oversaw the large Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.  Other high profile events include the Presidential Inauguration, State of the Union Address, and several emergency preparedness-training exercises throughout the country.

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